Hindi Department


Aim of the Hindi department is to train students in written and spoken Hindi to develop their communication skills. Also to introduce students about moral and value-based stories from the Epic literatures. Hindi has a big impact on the daily lives of members of any race, creed and region of the world. Hindi written in the Devanagari Script is one of the official languages of the Union Government of India.

Hindi is one of the subjects that the students can opt as a second language The assessment is done in the form of theory as well as oral examination consisting of 80 and 20 marks respectively. There are four full time and one part time teaching staff in the department


Staff Name Educational Qualification Designation
SMT. Dipti Sawant M.A. , B.Ed. , MSACIT Co-Ordinator
MR. Suresh Gavit M.A. , B.Ed. , MSACIT Assistant Teacher
MS. Mangala Nikum M.A. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MR. Ramakant Patil M.A. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher

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