Sports and Physical Education

Sports and Physical Education

The institute has adequate infrastructural facilities for students to take part in sports, games and cultural activity. The institute has made a provision for the Multi-activity Hall at the Ground Floor. The College has a separate Gymkhana Office and a place for indoor games.

A huge playground is available for outdoor games like cricket, football, handball and a track for Athletic Events. An separate court for Volleyball and Throw Ball is also made available. A Gymnasium with modern equipment is provided for students for building their physical endurance. The college has initiated the major enhancements to strengthen sports facilities in accordance with the recommendations made during the earlier NAAC Peer Team visit.

At the college campus, the facilities for outdoor games have been renovated and designed as per the Federation specifications. Basketball courts are shared with SPIT and Wadia School. Andheri Sports Complex is situated next to the college and whenever needed, it can be utilized for other sporting activities at grand level.

Bhavans College Participated In an Inter-collegiate Chess Tournament

Bhavans college participated in an Inter-collegiate chess tournament organised by Mumbai University in which the Bhavans girls team secured 2nd position.

The participants were

  • Vaishnavi Chutke- S.Y.B.A
  • Muskan Sharma- S.Y.B.A
  • Hita Thokale - F.Y.B.A
  • Tanisha Tawde -F.Y.B.Sc
  • Utkarsha Kayarkar- T.Y.B.A.M.M.C (Journalism)
  • Shalaka Pagay- M.Sc Biodiversity

One of the students of our college Shalaka Pagay student of Msc. Biodiversity has been selected for inter-zonal competition. And our boys team securd 7place in 44 teams

Bhavans College Participated In an Inter-collegiate Taekwondo Tournament zone 2

On the 5th of October 2023, on behalf of the University of Mumbai Bhavans College organized the 2023-24 Intercollegiate Taekwondo Tournament zone 2 at University sports pavilion, Marine Lines.

The results for Bhavans College for the same tournament are as follows:

  • Shruti Kalingan (Fyba210) (Below 46kgs)- Bronze
  • Devisha Mhatre (Tyba) (Below 46kgs)- 4th Place
  • Vanshika Korgaonkar (Tybcom117) (46-49kgs)- Bronze
  • Shruti Achrekar (46-49kgs) (Fybsc)- 4th Place
  • Saima Ansari (Tybammc04) (49-53kgs)- Silver
  • Vidhi Rathod (Fyms45) (57-62kg)- Bronze
  • Anshal Lad (Tybammc43) (62-67kgs)- Bronze
  • Vaishnavi Chutke (Syba1151) (67-73kgs)- Bronze
  • Rutuja Sarode (Fyba715) (73+ Kgs)- Silver
  • khushi Kinger (Sybsc204) (73+ Kgs)- Bronze

Bhavans College Participated In an Tennis Tournament

Bhavan's college took first place in this event, which was held at HANSRAJ COURT in ANDHERI on the 8th of October 2023 and organized by L.S RAHEGA on behalf of the University of Mumbai.

The participants were

  • Vanshika Korgaonkar- (117)
  • Anshal Lad- (43)
  • Vaishnavi Chutke - (1151)
  • khushi Kinger-Sy.bsc (204)
  • Serah
  • Shalaka Pagay- bio d (Part 1)

Boys Won 4th Place In The Tournament

  • Jitesh Rathod
  • Tej Gadkari
  • Abdullah Shaikh
  • Shubham Shirodkar
  • Vedan Kolia

Bhavans College Participated In an Swimming Competition

In swimming competition held at VIVA college, Virar, Bhavan's college participated in this tournament.

girls won.

  • Devisha Mhatre
  • Back stroke 100m- 3rd place
    Breast stroke 50m - 3rd place
  • Vinuthana Reddy
  • Back stroke 100m - Second place
    Back stroke 50m - Third Place

    girls in relay 4×100m and got selected for inter-zonal competition.

  • Vinuthana Reddy
  • Zoya Naseem
  • Shahnaz Shaikh

Boys Won.

  • Varad Pathare
  • Individual Medley - Second Place
    Breast stroke 200m- Third Place
    Breast stroke 100m- Third Place
    Back stroke 50m- Second Place
  • Aditya Shah
  • Individual Medley - First Place
    Free style 1500m- Third Place
    Back stroke 200m- Second Place
    Breast stroke 200m- Second Place
    Butterfly 200m- First Place
    Back stroke 100m- Second Place
    Butterfly 100m- First Place
    Freestyle 100m- Third Place
    Butterfly 50m- First Place
    Breast stroke 50m- Third Place
  • Shrikrishna Pawar
  • Butterfly 200m- Third Place

    Boyes secured 1st place in relay 4×100m and got selected for inter-zonal competition .

  • Prathamesh Kasare
  • Ali Hassan
  • Aditya Shah
  • Varad Pathare

Facilities for Out-Door Games

  1. Cricket Ground
  2. Football Ground
  3. Track for Athletics
  4. Throw ball & Volleyball Courts
  5. Space for Long Jump, High Jump, Discuss Throw, Shot-put and Javelin Throw
  6. Sports equipment like badminton rackets, shot-puts, javelin and discuss

Facilities for In-Door Games

  1. Table Tennis
  2. Carrom
  3. Chess