National Service Scheme

Students can enroll in N.S.S. as volunteers. An N.S.S. volunteer should be in the unit for 2 years either during their 1st year and 2nd year; or 2nd year and 3rd year. Under N.S.S., drives such as cleanliness, tree plantation, blood donation, anti-dowry, anti-smoking, anti-drug abuse and AIDS awareness are undertaken. Volunteers who complete social work of 120 hours and one rural camp of 10 days gets certificate from University of Mumbai and under University Ordinance 0.229 a student will be awarded ten grace marks per year for two years.

National Cadet Corps

NCC Boys & Girls: The NCC unit of the college enables you to realize your potential to be an inde- pendent and disciplined Indian, to be adventurous and develop a strong multifaceted personality ready to support the society in all its needs.

Contact person for enrollment: Major. (Ms.) Malini Sharma (for girls) and Capt. V. S. Kota (for boys) from 15th June to 7th August

  • Requirement
    • Duration of NCC course 3 years
    • Examination to be attended for Certification 'B' & 'C
    • Camps to be attended - minimum two per year
  • Rewards
    • Cadet Scholarship
    • Additional 10 marks under the University ordinance 0.299A
    • Additional weightage to 'C' certificate for post graduate students Reservation of seats for joining armed forces for NCC Candidates

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