Geography Department


To acquaint the students with the living conditions of human being in different parts of the Globe.

To develop in students an understanding of how environment and climatic factors have influenced our life.

To enable the students to acquire a knowledge of natural resources, utilization and resources are limited.

To help the students to acquire knowledge of their physical and social environment and thus to broaden their outlook.

To develop in students understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories relating to geographical phenomena.

To train to students in nature study.

To develop the power thinking ,reasoning, memory and power of imagination of students.

To develop their ability to draw conclusions and to generalize

To develop the skills of reading maps ,globes and toposheet, develop drawing and measuring skills. To enable the students to appreciate the natural beauty and other physical forces


Staff Name Educational Qualification Designation
Mrs. Surekha Chopde - Co-Ordinator

Photo Gallery

Departmental activity

  • Lecture on Environment awareness and natural resources.
  • On 11th July World population day ,lecture on world population growth ,population explosion , sex ratio ,literacy etc.
  • Lecture on Disaster management and Disaster planning .
  • Students surveyed 15 family through questionnaires and collected the Data of population, sex ratio, age structure, annual income level and literacy rate.
  • Students were taught to recognize Google Earth satellite location of Bhavans college.
  • Students were taught to recognize GIS,GPS and Google maps.