Biology Department


Biology as the term suggests is study of life and we are a lively, vivacious, and vibrant bunch. The Department of Biology (Junior College) consists of 13 staff – 10 confirmed and 3 ad-hoc a mix of experience and new learnings.


  • To develop a scientific attitude among students
  • To develop Problem solving Skills among students
  • To develop conceptual learning skills among students
  • To develop Experimental skills among students
  • To develop Analytical skills among students


Staff Name Educational Qualification Designation
MRS. Sheba Vasudevan M.Sc. , B.Ed. , MSACIT Co-Ordinator
MRS. Punam Suryawanshi M.Sc. , B.Ed , MSACIT Assistant Teacher
MRS.Akruti Kantharia M.Sc. , B.Ed. , M.Phil Assistant Teacher
MS. Malini Sharma M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher and Girls NCC in-charge
MR. P. Dhongade M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MRS. Mamta Thorat M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
DR.Ashish Borkar M.Sc. , B.Ed. , PhD. Assistant Teacher
MR.Vijay Mahajan M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MRS.Kamini Talele M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MRS.Rumana Kazi M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher

Eminent Alumni

  • Dr. Ali Irani Nanavati

    Dr. Ali Irani Nanavati a renowned physiotherapist is an alumni. He was the physiotherapist for the Indian cricket team from 1987-1997.

    Dr. Yogini Patel

    Dr. Yogini Patel who heads the BSES Blood bank is also an alumni of the department.

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