Mathematics Department


Mathematics is considered as the mother of all sciences because it is a tool which solves problems of every other science Mathematics is science that deals with logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. The study of mathematics equips students with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are essential for successful and rewarding participation in a society.

MATHEMATICS being compulsory in science stream, optional subject in commerce. Mathematical exercise is an effective way of building mental discipline, logical reasoning, and mental rigour.

Through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to their lives, students develop mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and related technological skills that they can apply in their daily lives and, eventually, in the workplace

At the junior college student study Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Probability, Management Mathematics, Data interpretation. This helps the student to select and proceed in his/her career path. During these two years we provide the chance to appear for many state/national level competitive exams like NTSE, RMO/NMO and competitions like QUIZ, projects, Elocutions. The department have eminent teachers, who serve the students enthusiastically.


Staff Name Educational Qualification Designation
SMT. H. A. Desai M.Sc. , B.Ed. , MSACIT Supervisor
SHRI S. Chaudhari M.Sc. , B.Ed. , MSACIT Co-Ordinator
MR. Ganesh Patil M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MRS. Rajani Gawai M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MRS. Candani Desai M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MR. Vishal Tadkalkar M.Sc. , B.Ed. Co-Ordinator
MR. Santosh Mundhe M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher
MR. Ashish Dubey M.Sc. , B.Ed. Assistant Teacher

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