Management of the College

Post autonomy, management of the college though within the preview of Govt rules and university statutes is undertaken through Governing body, while the academic standards are maintained through inputs received from the College Academic Council, the various Board of Studies and CDC. Besides these the participation of various statutory and non statutory committees ensure proper management of its academic, financial and general administrative affairs.

Statutory Bodies For Governance Of Autonomous Bhavan’s College:

  • College Governing Body
  • College Academic Council
  • College Board of Studies
  • College Finance Committee
  • College Examination cell

Each of these statutory bodies is constituted as per the UGC regulation 2018

Governing Body

The Governing Body of the college is different from Trust Board/Board of Management/ Exec- utive Committee/Management Committee. and constituted as follows

Sr. No. Category
1 5 members nominated by Management
2 2 senior teachers of the college nominated by Principal
3 An Educationist or Industrialist of repute
4 UGC Nominee
5 State Government Nominee
6 University Nominee
7 Principal of College

Academic Council

Sr. No. Category
1 Principal
2 Heads of Depts
3 Four Teachers representing different categories of the teaching staff
4 Four Experts / academicians from outside the college representing such areas as Industry Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, Scientists, etc. to be nominated by the Governing Body
5 University Nominees
6 Member Secretary

Board of Studies

Sr. No. Category
1 Head of Dept
2 Internal Faculty
3 Subject Expert nominated by Academic council
4 One Expert nominated by Vice Chancellor
5 One Representative of industry/corporate/allied area relating to placement
6 One Post graduate meritorious alumnus nominated by principal Co-option by HOD with approval from principal
7 Expert from outside the college when special courses of study are to be formulated

Finance Committee

Sr. No. Category
1 Principal
2 Senior faculty Member
3 University Nominee
4 Principal Nominee
5 Accountant