Guest Lecture on Stress Management


Bhavan’s College, Andheri (West) organised a guest lecture on “Stress Management” on 22nd January 2018 for the students and staff of the college. It was conducted by Mrs. Janki Vyas Ravani, a “Happiness Coach” and “Alternate Healer” popularly known for her TEDx speech highlighting the mind body connection. The students from the First Year of Biotechnology volunteered for the event under the guidance of Prof. Aniket M Salvi and was encouraged by all the Foundation Course Teachers Prof. Betty Renjithraj, Prof. Fraeortis Satarawala and Dr. Medini Anjanikar, Co-ordinator, Foundation Course-I and was supported by Dr. Vijay Waghmare, Head, Biotechnology Department. The lecture began at 11am after Prof. Supriya Sabnis welcomed the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Janki Vyas Ravani with a sapling as a token of appreciation for her presence and was concluded by 1pm. More than 200 Students and Teachers from across various streams were present for the seminar held in Palanji Sadan Auditorium, 4th floor.

Being an optimist at heart, Mrs. Janki stressed on the need for gratitude towards life. Happiness is not absolute but rather a state of mind and often depends upon one’s own perspective towards life, that no matter how hopeless your life might seem you can always recondition your mind to absorb the good in everything. She also quoted “The Law of Attraction” on how our beliefs shape our reality and that when someone truly wants something the entire universe conspires to make it a reality where the subconscious mind is like a Genie that grants the wishes of its conscious counterpart. She explained that the judgement based decision making “Conscious” mind only accounts for 10% and that 90% of our brain is the “Sub-Conscious” mind that does not think but just feels and makes decisions based on pleasure instincts rather than logic. To get the most out of our lives we must not allow the Subconscious mind to control our actions and decisions.

It was quite an interactive session where Mrs. Janki spoke with students and teachers both during the session and later personally and explained to them that the key to a happier and stress-free life was making peace with one’s past, being cheerful and loving ourselves unconditionally. The Organizing team is grateful to the Principal Dr. V.I.Katchi Ma’am and Mrs. Lata Dolke Ma’am, Self-Financing Course Coordinator for their support and guidance.


Graphic report :

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