“AMALGAM – 2019”

 Amalgam 2019 held at Bhavan’s College, Andheri

  Five department of SFC department participate

A two-day event called Amalgam 2019 was organised at the Palanji Sadan building and a large number of students and teachers took part in it.

More than 1000 students and teachers participated in the event, which was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Zarine Bhathena, principal, Bhavan’s College, Dr. VI Katchi, additional director, SFC courses, Colonel Singh, campus director and others. The event was held in the SFC building on January 21, 22 and 23, 2019.

The event kicked off on January 21 with a special event for teachers of all the five departments of SFC. The games were partly competitive and partly based on general knowledge where questions were asked on a variety of topics. It was a great occasion for the teachers to bond together.

The team from BSc (Computer Science) organised a unique street play on the topic of `use of technology for human welfare’. Along with this, the third-year students came up with nine projects on various subjects, namely `motion detector’ and `optical character recognition.’ In the street play event, the first prize went to the group called `sociotech’ and the second prize went to `digital India.’

The department of Bachelor of Management Studies had organised their event on the theme of `BMS Factory’ which had shown a range of products like herbal soaps, face masks and even air purifiers. Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Rasika Vaidya, senior faculty member said, “this event is exclusively for students so they can develop their entrepreneurial skills.” The judges who were called for the event were Dhananjay Kalbande and Digvijay Naik. The first prize went to the group that portrayed `cottage industry’ and the second prize went to the group that made `air purifiers and air fresheners.’

On this part, the BMM department had put together a photography exhibition called `Exposure 2019’ where nine groups of second year students had captured images in their cameras. The pictures on a variety of topics like Life in Culture, Life in Complex Emotions and Life in Balance. Along with this, first year students had provided marketing support to these groups and had put up décor in the foyer area and danglers and posters in the campus. Responding to a question, Prasad Ayare, the father of a second- year student said that he is impressed with the creativity of the students and the efforts they had made to put together their event.

The judges who came for the event were photographer Ketan Shinde and his wife Manasvi for the photo exhibition, while the marketing event was judges by Shivani Naik from Dahanukar College and Rasika Vaidya. The first prize in photography went to `life in food cuisine’ and the second prize went to `life in complex emotions.’ In marketing event, the first prize went to group three and the second prize went to group two.

On their part, the BSc (Biotechnology) department had organised their exhibits on topics like polymer chain reaction, waste water treatment and microbial fuel cell. While the first year and second year students had formed various groups, the third-year students helped them to organise the activities. Here the first prize went to group S04 and the second prize went to group F05.

The Bachelor of Science (IT) department had organised a poster making competition and this was judged by experts like Kuldeep Dubey and Harshil Kanakia. The students also made colourful Rangolis that were admired by all on the second floor of the building. The first prize was given to `mind reading technology’ and the second prize went to `study of brain computing interface.’

Another interesting vocabulary-based event was `what’s the good word’ where the participating teams were tested for their language skills. The first prize went to the team from biotechnology and the second prize went to department of mass media.

The students received their awards at a special event that was organised on January 28 in the auditorium. The awards were given away by college principal, Dr. Bhathena and additional director, Dr. Katchi.


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