Amalgam 2017-18

“AMALGAM – 2018”

Bhavan’s College, Andheri organized a two-day event called the Amalgam 2018 on its premises where various department of the Self Financing Courses came together and showcased their talent through a range of activities.

The event was organized on January 18th and 19th, 2018. The exhibits of the five departments, namely BSc (Computer Science), BSc (Information Technology), BSc (Biotechnology) BMM and BMS.

The event was inaugurated by the College Principal Dr. V.I. Katchi in the presence of other dignitaries, staff and students.

B.Sc. (Com.Sci.)

The Computer Science Department had organized a ‘Poster Competition’ on various themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Broadband Via satellite to rural areas, Green Computing, Satellite Network, Android, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber Terrorism and e-wallet.

One participant said “we enjoyed the event a lot and had a great learning experience. We hope to win a prize.”

The second prize went to the groups Cyber Terrorism and Green Computing, while the first prize was won by the group Internet of Things.

 B.Sc. (Biotech.)

The Biotechnology Department enthusiastically participated in the poster competition and the topics for the posters were Concept of Omics, Microbial Buddies in Food Biotech, Pros and cons of gmo’s, Advances in Biotechnology and Biosensors. There were various phage models, DNA sequences and messages conveying Rangoli.

The second prize went to the group Advances in Biotechnology and the first prize was won by the Concept of Omics.

B.Sc. (I.T.)

Students from IT Department took part in the poster competition event. The IT exhibition space was decorated by using IT coding language like ‘#’, ‘@’ etc signs. There were posters on  Sensor Technology, E-waste, Crypto Currency, How IT industry can be used to  control the damage caused by natural calamities.

The second prize went to the groups Haptic Technology, Embedded Systems and Sensor Technology and the first prize was won by the group Fractal Robot.



‘Exposure 2018’ was based on the theme of “Mumbai: Upside Down”.

There were seven genres in total constituting of the Exposure and they are as follows: Silhouettes in Mumbai with Landscape wherein different aspects of Mumbai were portrayed using silhouette from sunlight or any source of light for that matter; Professions in Mumbai with High Shutter. Here, different professions were captured using high shutter to display minute intricacies of everyday life; Specialities in Mumbai with Point of View wherein the city’s specialities were shown using point of view; Transport with Motion Blur. In this genre, variety of transportation services were shown with the feature motion blur; Life in Mumbai with Contrast in Ideas wherein two different aspects of Mumbai were presented in one frame;

Abstract in Mumbai with Bokeh Effect. Here, abstract aspects of Mumbai were shown with the help of Bokeh Effect; Architecture in Mumbai with Shapes and Forms wherein various architectural beauties were captured portraying their uniqueness in shapes and forms.

There were Marketing and Photography events which showcased various aspect of life in Mumbai. From Marketing, the second prize went to the group Life in Mumbai with Contrast Ideas and the first prize was won by two group Silhouette in Mumbai with Landscapes and Transport in Mumbai with Motion Blur.

From Photography, the second prize went to the group Abstract in Mumbai with Bokeh Effect and the first prize was won by group Life In Mumbai with Contrast Ideas.



The BMS Department show cased ‘Ethnic Vyapari’. As the name suggested, Ethnic Vyapari represented business entrepreneurship and start-up through 11 different states of India. The students showed products reflecting essence and culture of each states which can be branded. The 11 states that they represented were: Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab, Orissa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir. These states were divided between the Second Year BMS students among themselves in groups ranging between 9-12 people.

Commenting at the occasion, Dr. Gita Shetty, Head of Department of Commerce said, “All the teams have done good research. They have come up with innovative product and they tried to promote the cottage industry of the particular state. They have used technology to advertise. Some have made their own website which is quite impressive.”

At the prize distribution event the first-place went to Manipur and second prize was a tie between Odisha, Kerala and Goa.

-Article contributed by the Reporting Team of Amalgam-2018.

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