In-house Students Notice




Congratulations to all the IN-HOUSE students of Bhavan’s College who are successful at the SYJC Examinations of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education. IN-HOUSE STUDENTS are those students who enrolled in Bhavan’s College to study at SYJC for HSC Examinations as regular students. As IN-HOUSE Students, you are privileged, because you can be admitted on a priority, if you are seeking admission to the Aided Programmes leading to Bachelor’s Degrees i.e. BA, B.Sc. and B.Com. Refer to the circular of University of Mumbai No. Aff./Recog I/Admission/(2018-19)/09/ of 2018, dated 30th May 2017.

Following are important guidelines for you to claim your privilege as an IN-HOUSE Student:

  • Read the above mentioned circular of the University and apply for Pre-admission Online Enrolment on the university web portal
  • As per the circular, IN-HOUSE Students can be admitted to the Aided Programmes on a priority basis.
  • For claiming your privileged admission to Bhavan’s College, you also need to apply on the College web portal
  • For applying on the College web portal, you will have to click on the tab: FY Degree Online Admission
  • You can apply under various reservations like SC/ST/DTNT/OBC/SBC or under social reservations under handicapped and 3%quota.
  • Read all the notices carefully before you begin to apply.
  • As per the University circular, IN-HOUSE Students can be Submitted Form from 07th June to 12th June 2018 (upto 12.00 p.m. on working days)  required to submit their University Forms (UF) and College forms (CF) applications for admission.
  • A special round of Data-submission and admission is therefore scheduled for IN-HOUSE Students as follows:

CAUTION: Once your name appears in the merit list of In-house students on and if you do not pay fees as per the schedule, you shall stand to lose your claim to the seat.

Congratulations you have enjoyed your privilege.

Refer to the College website: for the commencement of

Lectures, Practicals,   Roll Nos. Time-table  etc.