Online Application For Admission To SY Degree program for AY 2017-18.

This round of admission is only for In-house students.

General Instructions for candidates to be followed before applying online for admission at SY degree programs for the Academic Year 2017-18.

I) For applying online for admission, the following are the prerequisites which you should keep ready before registering as an applicant:

  • You must have a SCANNED COPY /IMAGE ( format : JPG, PNG, of 300 dpi resolution) of the following documents:
  1. Mark-sheets of previous academic examinations (X, XII, SEM-I & SEM-II
  2. Passing Certificates of X & XII
  3. Passport size recent photo against white background only of the candidate
  4. Signature of the candidate, on white background only.
  • Keep you mobile handy for online application. A single mobile number can be used by a candidate for online registration.
  • You need to know your own blood group since it is a mandatory field in the admission form.

II) The students seeking admission belong to one of the following categories:

  1. The Returning students: Are those who were enrolled in the FY degree program during the Academic year 2016-17
  2. The Continuing Students: Who have a gap since they were enrolled in the FY degree program during 2015-16 or before that.

III) The steps for registration for submission of online  application form  for admission to SY degree program for the two categories of students are slightly different. The pre-requisites also differ and are listed below.

Steps for Online Application by Returning Students:

 You  will require the following for registering on the web portal:

  • Unique SIMS# : The SIMS# which is unique for you is printed on your FY ID card. This is required for Login.
  • Marks scored by you at the SEM-I and SEM-II examinations of 2016-17 that you have passed in full or you are Allowed To Keep Terms in SY during the Academic Year 2017-18.

Please Note: The grade cards issued to you  for examinations at 2016-17 do not provide data on marks scored by you. The list with roll-number wise record of marks obtained by you at SEM-I and SEM-II examinations   is displayed on the College notice board as well as on the College Website in the examination tab. Please note down your semester wise score of marks which need to be entered in the form for online application. This list includes names only of those students  who are eligible for admission to SEM-III as per rules in force and passing standards  of  The University of Mumbai.

Look up the list, spot your number and note down your marks at SEM-I as well as SEM_II.

 Thus the returning students in addition to scanned copies of documents mentioned above should have their SIMS# ID and score of marks at SEM-I and SEM-II ready before loging into the web portal.

Online Admissions

Steps for Online Application by Continuing Students:

  • Since you were enrolled in FY Degree Program during 2015-16 or before, your ID card will not have a SIMS# ID. Therefore you will need to register yourself as a continuing student. To do this, click on the link below and complete the registration form.


  • You will need the scanned copies of documents mentioned above, your score of marks at SEM-I and SEM-II.You should click on the link above, register yourself on the web portal and create an account for yourself.
  • Login with your ID and password. Keep these secure and don’t share them with anyone. Login and complete the admission application form by following the steps explained on the web portal.

Thus the continuing students in addition to scanned copies of documents mentioned above should have their account on the web portal with Login ID, PW and score of marks at SEM-I and SEM-II ready before login into the web portal.


Best of Luck and Welcome to the year 2017-18.