• Candidates should refer to website of the University mu.ac.in for details of application for admission to F.Y. Degree programmes and follow the schedule for admission, as per University Circular No.Aff/Recog I/Admission/(2016-17)/2/of 2016.

  • Candidates have to submit printout of Pre-Admission Online Enrollment Form of Online application to the University of Mumbai, at the notified venue in the College.

  • Candidates have to apply Online to First Year Degree Program on this website of Bhavan’s College by clicking on the “Online Admission” button below and submit a printout of the Online Application (Data Sheet).

  • Thus the candidates have to submit : i)  Printout of their application to the University & ii) Printout of their application to the College.  These two printouts have to be submitted at the notified venue in the College, as per the schedule.

  • Bhavan’s College offers following degree programmes:

Aided : B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc.

Self-Financing:BMS, BMM, B.Sc.I.T., B.Sc. Biotech., B.Sc.Comp.Sc.

  • A candidate can apply for more than one programme provided the candidate meets with the eligibility conditions for the programme (as per the University of Mumbai) applied for.  A separate data sheet must be submitted by the candidate for each programme that the candidate applies for.

For Eligibility conditions for each programme refer to College website link http://bhavans.ac.in/?page_id=5712

  • The College offers admission to F.Y. class of these Degree programmes by observing the constitutional reservation for SC/ST/DTNT/OBC/SBC candidates as well as social reservation and other quotas as mentioned in the University circular no.Aff./Recog.I/Admission/ (2016-17)/3/ of 2016 dt.June 2016.

Number of seats for various categories of reservation and quotas for each programme are available on College website link http://bhavans.ac.in/?page_id=5705

  • A candidate may apply for admission to any programme in more than one category e.g. SC and Transfer, ST and Ex-Servicemen’s ward, etc. If the candidate applies under more than one category , for e.g. two categories , viz.NT-B and Handicapped, two copies of the data sheets must be submitted, one for each

  • With the University Pre-Admission Online Enrollment Form and College Pre-Admission Online Data sheet , Self Attested copies of relevant documents must be attached. List of documents to be attached refer to College website link http://bhavans.ac.in/?page_id=5682

  • At present as per the above University circular, the data for application to the University is from 14/06/2016 to 21/06/2016 and the schedule for application to the College is from 14/06/2016 to 22/06/2016 from 10.00a.m. to 3.00 p.m. (on all days including Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays).

  • The procedure and schedule for admission, as well as rules and regulations are subject to change as per Notification from the University of Mumbai and Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.


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