Nature of Subject Group A Group B Group C
Compulsory English English English
Second Language Hindi/Marathi Hindi/Marathi Hindi/Marathi
Optional Economics/Hindi III** Economics/Hindi III** Economics
History Political Science Political Science
Geography Geography/Logic Logic
Psychology Psychology History
Compulsory EVE* EVE* EVE*
Health & Physical Ed.(PT) Health & Physical Ed.(PT) Health & Physical Ed.(PT)
*EVE:Environmental Education
** Students who opt for Hindi as second language can not select Hindi III.

Compulsory English Health & Physical Education (P.T) EVE* Book Keeping Secretarial practice/Maths and Stats Organization of Commerce Economics
Optional Subject Marathi Hindi French Sanskrit IT* **
*EVE:Environmental Education

General Science
Compulsory English Health & Physical Ed.(P.T.) EVE* Physics Chemistry Maths and State Biology
Optional Subject Marathi Hindi French Sanskrit IT* **
Bifocal Education with self-Financing Subject-Electronics, Computer Science.
Compulsory English (P.T.) EVE* Physics Chemistry Maths & Stats
Optional Electronics*** Computer Science**
*EVE: Environmental Education

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