At the center of the campus, is a beautiful small lake, which enriches the biodiversity of the campus. It is a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.  Amidst ones hectic and busy lifestyle, the peaceful ambience, lush greenery and the chirping of birds that fills the air surrounding the lake is commendable.

During the rainy season, if one happens to pass by the lake, one can view the delicate lotus flower growing it all its might.

Adding to the above, around this area, during the examination season, one will find students cluttered in groups and their heads dug into their books.

It is also one of the areas where friendly relationships are built over time.

Besides the above, to the right side of the lake is an area that is not quite used but is generally open for the students and for the participants of famous Ray and O2 club.

M.M.College of Arts, N.M. Institute of Science, H.R.J. College of Commerce