Satbhavna Week

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Satbhavana Saptah(week)-Tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji


Today, Gandhiji is a worldwide institution which transcends sands of time and therefore the world has been able to do a rethink and realize why non-violence and truth alone can be the only way of life. With this in mind the Satbhavana Saptah was designed for the students of Bhavan’s Institutes on the Campus to rekindle the Gandhian Philosophy in the present context.

During Satbhavana Saptah,   every activity, every programme is arranged with a viewpoint of influencing everyone’s perception of ‘Gandhi-the father of the Nation.’ These activities include : Ashram Bhajanavali, workshop, debate, a quiz competition ,rangoli and poster competition, book exhibition, exhibition of paintings, a fashion show based on Khadi and Indian Culture, screening of documentaries, Screening of a movie and documentaries.

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