O2 the fest

O2-The Fest: Where Life Begins

‘O2 the Fest’ is a theme-based and Popular intercollegiate cultural festival, involving student participation from a number of city Colleges. It provides a platform for various innovative competitions like singing, dancing, music, mimicry, acting, painting and other fine arts. All these competitions are in accordance to the chosen themes. What is noteworthy is that the O2 festival is always based on a Socially Relevant theme and always carries a value-based, socially relevant message which the students imbibe while enjoying the festival.



   The themes of O2 festivals over the years have been as follows:

Year Theme
2005-2006 Inception to Celebrate Diamond Jubilee Year of the College
2006-2007 An Indian Village
2007-2008 Amitabh Bacchan an Epitome of Excellence: To inculcate quality awareness
2008-2009 Junk Art: to inculcate the spirit of conservation
2090-2010 On the Road With the Rules: to inculcate road safety in students towards safe driving habits
2010-2011 Peaceful Maharashtra: To commemorate Golden Jubilee of the State of Maharashtra
2011-2012 Greenergize: To inculcate environmental awareness and ecofriendly culture in the students.