Self Finance Courses (S.F.C.)

The college affiliated to University of Mumbai offers professional programmes leading to Bachelor’s and master’s degree in self-financing courses. The college has strong versatile teachers, many of them have Ph.D

From the inception of these programmes in the University, Bhavan’s college offers these programmes. The Undergraduate programmes are of three years having spread over six semesters. Postgraduate Programme is of two years having spread over four semesters.

Undergraduate Programmes:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science- B.Sc C.S. (since 1999)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology –B.Sc IT (since 2001)

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology- B.Sc. Bt (since 2002)

Bachelor of Management Studies-  BMS (since 1999)

Bachelor of Mass Media – BMM (since 2002)

Postgraduate Programme:

Master of Science in Biodiversity and Wild life Conservation Management-M.Sc- BWCM (since 2016)






B.Sc.Computer Science





M.M.College of Arts, N.M. Institute of Science, H.R.J. College of Commerce